A family business with 101 years of tradition

In 1911, Johann Ludwig Fuchs-Winistörfer (1874-1943), a farmer’s son, purchased the humble Pension Pilatus boarding house in Hergiswil am See, built in 1901. It was not yet possible to heat the rooms and the few guests who ventured here in summer had to make do with a single bath per floor. Two world wars and a global economic crisis in the intervening years offered little opportunity to undertake any major development of the establishment before 1945.

Not until the start of the economic miracle in the 1950s and 60s was Jean-Louis Fuchs-Arnet (1903-1975) able to build two new avant-garde buildings adjacent to the existing edifice. The business continued to flourish until it reached its current size in 1970, establishing itself as the first four-star hotel on the southern shore of Lake Lucerne.

From 1975, the brothers Hans and Jürg Fuchs became the third generation to take over the hotel and are proud to maintain the tradition of the establishment. Steeped in tradition and enjoying a magnificent view over the lake and mountains, the hotel has experienced a veritable renaissance in recent years. The premises are light and modern while the rooms and infrastructure have been constantly upgraded to satisfy increasingly demanding requirements. The modern architectural style of the seminar and banquet rooms blends perfectly with the rustic rooms in the original building.

Feel the power of the calm setting on the very shores of Lake Lucerne.

Seehotel Pilatus in a movie of 1963

Eine Reise durch die Schweiz mit Vico Torriani



Pension Pilatus boarding house, 1911
Dining room, 1948
First cars, 1935