Your holiday destination

Hergiswil lies at the heart of traditional Switzerland at the foot of the legendary Mount Pilatus on the very shores of Lake Lucerne. The location simply couldn’t be prettier and this resort promises a very special stay. The idyllic landscape, the deep-blue lake and the majestic mountain peaks bewitch every visitor that comes here. Would you prefer a ride on the paddle steamer to Lucerne or a trip in a cable car high above the lake to one of the numerous breathtaking viewpoints?

A world of glass

Anyone who comes to Hergiswil should be sure not to miss a visit to the Glasi Hergiswil, a glassworks steeped in tradition. In an exhibition boasting more than 70 glass exhibits, you can ring musical instruments made from glass or marvel at amazing optical effects. Have you ever seen a glass kiln at first hand or looked over a glassblower’s shoulder as he transforms molten glass into a beautiful vase? Glasi-Park is a fun experience for kids and adults alike.

Culinary diversity

Hospitality is written with a capital H in Hergiswil, and your well-being is of the utmost importance to us. Italian or Chinese cuisine, elevenses on your native Alp or lunch by the lake, a romantic candlelit dinner or the famous dinner dance in the Oasis Garten Restaurant at the Seehotel Pilatus – the best food and wine is on offer in Hergiswil. Folklore evenings, dancing in the PilatusKeller, a beer in a bar – Hergiswil offers something special to suit every taste.


Jump in!

Have you always wanted to discover the beauty of the underwater world? Well now’s your chance. According to your ability and wishes, you can plan and undertake an adventurous dive in a safe environment under the expert guidance of a diving instructor. Plunge into the magical world of aquatic plants and fish, mermaids and water nymphs.


From gentle swaying to eternal ice

When you take a sightseeing flight, you get the impression that the majestic mountains and glaciers are almost within reach. Take a breathtaking journey and marvel at the beauty of the surrounding landscape. Enjoy a flight over the spellbinding Alpine world at the heart of Switzerland. And if you want to go one step further and actually take a walk on one of the captivating glaciers, the glacier pilots will be more than happy to oblige with specially-adapted aeroplanes!


So captivating - so unique - so unforgettable

At the edge of the Alpine foothills lies a lake surrounded by the most varied landscape in Switzerland. Gently sloping hills stretch out from its northern shores, while craggy scarps cut sharply into the Alpine valleys. The numerous surrounding mountains - ideal for excursions with an almost endless series of walking trails – offer breathtaking views over this irregular, indescribable and captivating lake.

For hundreds of years, the lake has inspired poets and artists, firing their imagination and making a lasting impression which can be felt in many of their works: Gottfried Keller, Mark Twain, Karl May, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Friedrich von Schiller, Richard Wagner and even the Dream King Ludwig II were overwhelmed by the unique scenery of this incredibly beautiful and exquisitely colourful landscape.

You too will be captivated by the magic of Lake Lucerne!